Digital Strategy

Being on-line is integral to business. An on-line presence is about multi-faceted communication, from web sites, email and blogs to VOIP and mobile communication a solid digital strategy is essential to modern business.

Understanding how modern communication works is essential to your customer relationships. Those customer relationships drive your business and are the backbone to your success. How will new customers find your goods or services? Do you presently have obstacles limiting your on-line visibility? Do you know how successful your web site is at driving visitor behaviour such as converting visits into sales or enabling visitors to find the information that they are looking for? Can you measure your web site's success? Can you identify parts of your site that are failing? Do you know what your trends are? Are there hours of the day that are peak times? How easy is it for clients to contact you? How successful are you at engaging your clients and retaining them?

These are amongst the many important questions that any company or individual with an on-line presence needs to ask. Knowing the right questions to ask in the first place is often the spark that brings on-line success. With the rapid innovation on-line and the increasing lifestyle changes that the Internet is driving in our society, understanding how digital technology works and its impact on human and corporate behaviour is key to your success. Yet you cannot be expected to understand these technologies in depth, let alone identify their significance for your target market. For that, you need an expert, a company that remains on the leading edge of technology, a company that understands not just how things work, but their meaning for you, the impact of technology in the real world.

Here is a fun quiz for you to try, no-one will know how well you do and it's complete private. See how well you understand today's technology and it's impact in the real world:

Web page technology
  What is a site map and why is it essential in driving sales?
  Why can the use of frames kill my Google rankings?
  How much time, on average does a web page have to engage a visitor before they click away?
Mobile phones
  What is the key difference, other than number of digits, between a short code and a full mobile number?
  What does
  How do you call someone on VOIP?
  Do you need a BT landline in order to use VOIP?
  If someone has called you on VOIP, do other callers get a "line busy" tone if they call you?
On-line measurements of success
  What is Google Analytics?
  Does "site visitors" mean the number of people visiting your site?
  What does "conversion" mean and why is it critical to my success?
Social media
  What are the differences between Twitter and FaceBook?
  Can a FaceBook application update my database?
  Do search engines find my tweets?

At we have a deep understanding of the key issues essential to your digital success. Our products are a part of a complete service that includes vision, understanding and expert knowledge and the ability to combine products that you need into meaningful solutions crucial to your on-line success.