Online Solutions

Overview provides a wide range of enterprise class online solutions. Our service provides platinum grade core technologies essential to enterprise class internet presence. From domain management to DNS, server monitoring, SMS (text message) alerts, email and web hosting, we provide the plumbing to get you, and keep you on-line.




Our flagship product used extensively by blue chip clients because of its extreme reliability, redundancy and ability to withstand disasters and system failures, offers advanced DNS, domain name registration and management services. Crucially to our clients, our domain registration service does not lock in clients to other products. It' is a truly independent service that provides you with the genuine piece of mind that your intellectual property cannot be hijacked by your existing suppliers, such as a web hosting provider, IT supplier or a web design studio.

Our clients appreciate the security and protection of independent registration as much as they appreciate our enterprise class platform, 4-way redundant DNS service and 100% network uptime guarantee.


Online businesses usually maintain a portfolio of domains, often including various spellings or uses of hyphens as well as different suffixes such as .com and Loss of domains is easy and gaps in portfolio (e.g. a missing .net registration) are difficult to spot without a user-friendly management tool. Our simple to use management tool is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, making gap analysis and other important information monitoring such as renewals easy and simple.

Domain functions such as URL forwarding and email configuration are also easy to implement in our power, yet simple management software.


Domain registration: £9.95 per domain per year
URL forwarding: Free with domain registration or else £4.99 per domain per year
Default email: Free with domain registration or else £6.99 per domain per year

URL forwarding

Needs your new domain to point to an existing web site? Do you need a sub-domain (e.g. http://shop, to point to a different web server than your www server? Our URL forwarding allows you to make your new domain immediately useful. Forwarding sub-domains or even specific URLs (including pattern matching) is simple and straightforward.

Our URL forwarding service is extremely powerful and includes cloaking (embedding an existing web site into domain so that it looks like it's running from that domain, e.g. can look like it's running as, URL forwarding (redirecting browsers to an alternative domain, e.g. sending to, URL redirect (e.g. is associated with your web server but is associated with your credit card payment supplier).and URL aliasing (e.g., and all point to the same web site on the same server).


DNS is the lifeblood of a domain. It tells web browsers which server(s) serves the web pages for that domain and which email system handles that domain's emails. At we have a genuine enterprise-grade DNS service that is network and server-redundant, meaning that a telecoms failure or a server failure will not take your domain offline. Our service is also geographically redundant, meaning that even if an entire data centre is destroyed, your domain will not lose its DNS service. In fact, our redundancy is at a continental level, not that we are expecting an entire continent to disappear any time soon, but if it did, your domain will still maintain its DNS services.

Now isn't that peace of mind?

Default email account

Well chosen domains are easy to find or guess, which is the point of registering them. Emails are often sent to domain names either in error or as a best guess by your clients. For example, a hyphen may have been dropped, or a client, knowing your company name, may guess at the correct domain name to use, such as These emails can be important. However, as important is your company image which can be damaged by unanswered emails.

At our clients have the comfort of a default email service associated with new domain registrations that allow emails to be forwarded correctly, a catch-all account to be created and/or specific emails addresses to be accepted and correctly processed.


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Email Hosting

Our advanced email services are fully mobile-enabled. We provide secure, specialist email services. Have the peace of mind of owning your mail boxes without tools scanning your email and attempting to insert adverts or place access restrictions on you. Our service not only provides mobile and desktop access but supports many advanced features such as software integration, creating special actions and triggers that apply to specific email addresses as well as server-based, always-on auto-replies, vacation notices, forwarding emails to other accounts, etc.

We fully support one-to-many email addresses (email is copied to more than one person) and group email accounts such as sales.


  • Full support for IMAP and POP3
  • Mobile mail
  • Web mail
  • Email <-> SMS (receive SMS as email and send SMS by email)
  • Group mail (shared account)
  • Multi-drop mail (replication of certain messages to more than one recipient, e.g. a team)
  • Email subscription lists
  • Fetchmail: Consolidate multiple email accounts into one place
  • Online server files (take you email and folders with you no matter where you log in)
  • Anti-spam filtering
  • Integrate one or more email address with software applications
  • Secure SMTP: Send from public networks and mobile networks even when those networks are blocked as spam sources.
  • Mobile-operator friendly SMTP - We fully support the alternative SMTP ports. No more downtime when port 25 is blocked!
  • Back-up and audit-trail archives for sensitive accounts - Automatically securely store copies of all received mail for nominated accounts.
  • Unlimited - Easy to grow your capacity and usage allocation to whatever size you need.
Postgres support

We fully support the Postgres database. Postgres is the world's most advanced OpenSource database. We both host Postgres databases as well as support Postgres.